January 2019

January 21, 2019

Division Memo No. 036 s. 2019

Initial Audit of School-Based Ecological Solid Waste Management Program

Division Memo No. 035 s. 2019

Meeting of the Conduct of 2019 CALABARZON Heroes Games

Division Memo No. 034 s. 2019

Corrigendum on the 2019 Early Registration

Division Memo No. 033 s. 2019

Issuance of Attested Appointments of Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel

January 17, 2019

Division Memo No. 032 s. 2019

Short Examination of COMELEC DESO Technical Support Staffs for May 13, 2019 National and Local Elections

Division Memo No. 031 s. 2019

2019 Division Brigada Eskwela Jingle Contest Winners


Ranklist for SPED Teacher I


Ranklist for ALS Teacher I

Division Memo No. 030 s. 2019

Participation and Hosting of 2019 CALABARZON Heroes Games

January 16, 2019

Division Memo No. 029 s. 2019

Submission of Updated School Logo

Division Memo No. 028 s. 2019

Year-End Program Implementation Review for Adopt-A-School and Brigada Eskwela

DepEd Memo

Participation of the Department of Education (DepEd) in the 2019 National Arts Month (NAM) Celebration

DepEd Memo

Participation of the Department of Education (DepEd) in the National Literature Month (NLM) 2019

January 15, 2019

Division Memo No. 026 s. 2019

2019 Sikhayan Festival

Division Memo No. 027 s. 2019

Outreach Program of the Federated Supreme Student Government

Division Memo No. 025 s. 2019

2019 Early Registration

Division Memo No. 024 s. 2019

Submission of Application for Principal II, Head Teacher III and Administrative Assistant II

Division Memo No. 023 s. 2019

Addendum on the Reconstitution of Open High School Program Committee

Division Memo No. 022 s. 2019

Meeting of the Supreme Student Government Presidents and Teacher Adviser

Division Memo No. 021 s. 2019

Orientation on the SALN 2018 Review Procedures and Report Preparation

January 11, 2019

Division Memo No. 020 s. 2019

2019 Metrobank MTAP DepEd  Math Challenge Division Elimination

Division Memo No. 019 s. 2019

Supplement Feeding Program

January 10, 2019

Division Memo No. 018 s. 2019

Measures to Strengthen School Governing Councils

Division Memo No. 017 s. 2019

Reminders on the Implementation of School Building Projects

Division Memo No. 016 s. 2019

Division Sports Training for CALABARZON Heroes Games 2019

Division Memo No. 015 s. 2019

Attendance to the Public Declaration of Cuartel De Santo Domingo  as an Important Cultural Property by the National Museum

January 09, 2019

Division Memo No. 014 s. 2019

Schedule and List of Training Management Team of the Training Workshop for Receiving Teachers on Basic Sign Languange cum Braille Reading and Writing

Division Memo No. 013 s. 2019

Pre-Planning Conference for OHSP Writeshop

Division Memo No. 012 s. 2019

Preparation and Submission of Enhanced School Improvement Plan (E-SIP) for School Years 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022, Respectively and School Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) for SY 2019-2020

Division Memo No. 011 s. 2019

Filing and Submission of SALN 2018

Division Memo No. 010 s. 2019

Meeting of Math Coordinators in Preparation for 2019 MMC Division Elimination

January 08, 2019

Division Advisory No. 002 s. 2019

STI Interschool Competition

Division Advisory No. 001 s. 2019

A Road to the Southeast Asian Games Leveling Seminar and Workshop

Division Memo No. 009 s. 2019

Meeting of CALABARZON Heroes Games Working Committees

Division Memo No. 008 s. 2019

Monitoring and Evaluation of Tech4ED Centers

Division Memo No. 007 s. 2019

Reconstitution of Division Planning Team

Division Memo No. 006 s. 2019

2019 Brigada Eskwela Jingle Contest

Division Memo No. 005 s. 2019

Division Seminar Workshop for FY 2018 Year End Financial and Budgetary Reports

Division Memo No. 004 s. 2019

Practice Schedule of “The Enhanted Voice of Santa Rosa”

Division Memo No. 003 s. 2019

Mass Training on Rondalla For Music Teachers

January 04, 2019

Division Memo No. 001 s. 2019

Free Red Cross MAAB to All Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel