June 29, 2018

Division Memo No. 209 s 2018

Division Orientation – Workshop on the use of ROBOTICS Equipment

Division Memo No. 208 s 2018

DOST – PSHS – CALABARZON Scholarships for AY – 2019-2020

June 28, 2018

Office Order

Designation of Officer-In-Charge

June 27, 2018


Santa Rosa City Teachers Association Monthly Meetings

Proclamation no. 525

A Special non-working day in the city of Sta. Rosa


Itinakdang Panuntunan sa pananamit

DepEd Memo. 107 s 2018

Change in the representation of the department of education in The Palarong Pambansa Board


The Malayan Colleges laguna will once hold its annual MCL cup

Office Order

Designation as Office-In-Charge

June 26, 2018

Division Memo No. 206 s 2018

Reassignmnent from Don Jose Elementary School to Southville IV Elementary School

Division Memo No. 205 s 2018

Reassignmnent from Malitlit Elementary School to Santa Rosa Elementary School Central I

Division Memo No. 204 s 2018

Launching of Division Wellness Campus Program

June 20, 2018

Notice of Meeting

2nd Quarter DRRM Coordinators Meeting


Ranklist for School Principal I (Elementary)

Ranklist for School Principal II (SHS)

Ranklist for School Principal III

June 18, 2018


Dr. Jose P. Rizal’s 158th Anniversary Program

Division Memo No. 202 s. 2018

Visit Schedules to the Road Safety Kiddie Park of Santa Rosa  for the Months of June-July 2018

Division Memo No. 201 s 2018

Conduct of the 2018 2nd Quarterly Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill

Division Memo No. 200 s 2018

Reminder to Conduct Student-Led Watching and Hazard Mapping in Schools within the First Month of Class Opening

June 14, 2018


Informative report Re-post In-Charged Inspection Report

Division Memo No. 199 s. 2018

Cut-off Dates on the Release and Liquidation of Cash Advance

Division Memo No. 198 s. 2018

Division Orientation on Revised Phil-IRI Administration

Division Memo No. 197 s. 2018

Demonstration Teaching in Solid Waste Management and Traffic Road Safety

Division Memo No. 196 s. 2018

Submission of Nomination Papers for 2018 Gawad Patnugot

DepEd Memo No. 096 s. 2018

Designation of Department of Education Official Spokespersons

DepEd Memo No. 094 s. 2018

Dissemination of Memorandum Circular No. 44

Division Memo No. 195 s. 2018

Submission and Search for Best Curriculum Research

June 13, 2018

Division Memo No. 194 s. 2018

2018 Division Simultaneous Intramurals

Division Memo No. 193 s. 2018

Orientation Workshop on School-Based Feeding Program SY 2018-2019

Division Memo No. 192 s. 2018

Call for Applications for DepEd Financial Assistance to Private MADRASAH Implementing K to 12 Curriculum for SY 2018-2019

Division Memo No. 191 s. 2018

Retriveal of Documents Related Under DepEd Computerization Program (DCP)


Expiration of Appointments (Casual and Job Order)

June 11, 2018

DepEd Memo NO. 092 s. 2018

Regional Orientation on Education Service Contracting, Teachers’ Salary Subsidy, and Senior High School Voucher Program for SY 2018-2019


Declaring Friday, 15 June 2018 A Regular Holiday throughout the country in observance of Eid’l Fitr

Division Memo No. 190 s. 2018

Teaching and Non-Teaching Annual Physical Examination 2018

June 8, 2018

Division Memo No. 189 s. 2018

2018 ASEAN Age Group Chess Championship

Division Advisory No. 024 s. 2018

Results of 2017-2018 National Achievement Test Grade 7


Participation on the Celebration of Independence Day

Division Memo No. 188 s. 2018

Schedule of Interview and On the Job Assessment for School Principal I, Principal 3 and Assistant School Principal 2

June 7, 2018

Division Memo No. 187 s. 2018

Deadline of Submission of Nutritional Status Report and List of School Based Feeding Program (SBFP) Beneficiaries

Division Advisory No. 23 s. 2018

Administration of the National Achievement Test for Grade 12 for School Year (SY) 2017-2018 to Balibago SHS

Notice of Vacancy

Accountant II

Office Order

Designation as Officer-in-Charge for June 08, 2018

Notice of Meeting

National Employees Union Meeting

Division Memo No. 186 s. 2018

Corrigedum to DM No. 174 s. 2018 Revised Format of Travel Authority

Division Memo No. 185 s. 2018

Issuance of Attested Appointments of Teaching Personnel

Notice of Meeting

Ok sa DepEd

Notice of Meeting

Class Schedule of MAPEH

June 6, 2018

Executive Order No. 56

Institutionalizing the Emergency 911 Hotline as the Nationwide Emergency Answering Point, Replacing Patrol 117 and for other Purpose


Declaring Tuesday, 19 June 2018, A Special (Non-Working) Day in the Province of Laguna

Division Memo No. 184 s. 2018

Guidelines on 2018 Gawad Leon (Golden Lion Awards)

Division Memo No. 183 s. 2018

Attendance to the 120th Anniversary of Philippines Independence and 157th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal 

DepEd Memo

Clarification on Requirements of Birth Certificate for Purpose of Enrollment in DepEd Public Schools

June 5, 2018

Division Memo No. 182 s. 2018

Presentation and Approval of 2017 Individual Performance and Commitment Review Form(IPCRF)

Division Advisory No. 22 s. 2018

Administration of 2018 Special Philippine Educational Placement Test

DepEd Memo

Call for Applications for DepEd Financial Assistance to Private MADRASAH Implementing the K to 12 Curriculum for SY 2018-2019

Division Memo No. 181 s. 2018

Senior High School Success Stories

Division Memo No. 180 s. 2018

2018 Search for Ulirang Guro at Pambansang Guro of the Manila Teachers’s Savings and Loan Association Inc.

June 4, 2018

Division Memo No. 179 s. 2018

Submission of Application for Admin. Assistant II/Disbursing Officer II

Division Memo No. 178 s. 2018

Feedback of Teachers for GSIS Consideration

Division Memo No. 177 s. 2018

Preparation of Cash Allowance Payroll

Unnumbered Memo

Call for All Public School Teachers who served in the 14 May 2018 to get/encash cash cards

DepEd Memo

2nd National Consultation Conference of President/Principals of Private Madaris

Division Memo No. 176 s. 2018

24 Appointments of Teaching Personnel Attested by CSC

Division Memo No. 175 s. 2018

Submission of Names of MAPEH Teachers

Division Memo No. 174 s. 2018

Reiteration on the Prescribed Format for Travel Authority

June 1, 2018

Division Memo No. 173 s. 2018

Monitoring and Opening of Classes for SY 2018-2019 in Public Elementary, Junior and Senior High School

Division Memo No. 172 s. 2018

Submision of Application for Principal I and Assistant Principal II

Officer Order

Designation as Officer-in-Charge