October 27, 2016

Division Memo no. 407 s. 2016

Registration in the eHRIS

Division Memo no. 406 s .2016

Distribution of First Aid Kit

October 26, 2016


Notice of Attendance to the ICT Training 

Division Memo no. 405 s. 2016

Submission of Approved Designation and Final List of BAC Members/Secretariat and TWG

Division Memo no. 404 s. 2016

Corrigendum of Division Memo no. 373 s. 2016

Division Memo no. 403 s. 2016

Division Festival of Talents POPED


Registry of Qualified Applicants (3rd Batch) Senior High School

Council Circular No. 19 s. 2016

Girl Scouts of the Philippines

October 24, 2016

Notice of Meeting

Mid-Year Performance Review

Division Memo no. 402 s. 2016

Endowment of Financial Assistance for Victims of Typhoon Lawin


Philippine Normal University Program Offerings

October 21, 2016

Notice of Meeting

Agenda : SPED Olympics and Other matters

October 20,2016

Division Memo no. 401 s. 2016

Orientation on 2017 Guidelines on Project Procurement Management Plan

Division Memo no. 400 s. 2016

Assessing the Status of Research Intensification in School/Division Level: Basis for Giving Technical Assistance

Division Memo no. 399 s. 2016

Bomb Threat Awareness and Crime Prevention Lectures


TDC Meeting

Division Memo no. 398 s. 2016

2016 Division English Festival of Talents

October 19,2016


Notice of Meeting

Division Memo no. 397 s. 2016

Corrigendum to DO No. 385 s. 2016 Division Schedule of Semesteral Break Activity/ Training

Office of the City Administator

100 Days Report of  the City Mayor

Office Order

Officer-In-Charge on October 24-28

Division Memo no. 396 s. 2016

2016 Newly Elected Officers of DepEd-NEU (National Employees Union)-Santa Rosa City Chapter and Santa Rosa Elementary School Heads Association

Division Memo no. 395 s.2016

Designation of Officer-In-Charge, School Management Monitoring and Evaluation Section

Division Memo no. 394 s.2016

First 100 Days Flag Raising Ceremony

Division Memo no. 393 s.2016

Division Technolympics

October 18,2016

Invitation to BID

Supply and Delivery of School Furniture (CY 2016 Basic Education Facilities Fund Provition of School Furniture to Newly Constructed Classroom-Batch 4)

Division Memo no. 392 s. 2016

Division Orientation on Integrated School Nutrition Model

October 17, 2016


To all Secondary School heads


Reiteration of the No Collection Policy

Girls Scouts of the Philippines

Monthly Meeting

Notice of Meeting

Agenda: Finalization of the 3-Day Division Training on Coaching and Officiating ,Working Committee and other Concerns

Division Memo no. 391 s. 2016

Medical Assessment

October 14, 2016


KINDER (Keen In Giving Notification and Delivering Exemplary Reaching out Service)

Division Memo no. 390 s. 2016

Retrieval of LRMDS-Edited and Contextualized Learning Materials

Division Memo no. 389 s. 2016

2016 Philippines Conference of Basic Education Researchers


Advisory on Tropical Depression Karen

October 13, 2016

Division Memo No. 388 s. 2016

Status of Implementation of the School Report Card

Division Memo No. 387 s. 2016

One Million Lapis Campaign

Division Memo No. 386 s. 2016

Teachers Got Talent


Girl Scouts of the Philippines

Division Memo No. 385 s. 2016

Divition Schedule of Semestral Break Activity /Training

Division Memo No. 384 s. 2016

Finalization and Conformance Review of the Open High School Program Modules and Other Learning Resources in Various Learning Areas

Division Memo No. 383 s. 2016

Conduct of Water Potatbility Test to the Existing Water Source

Notice of Meeting

Agenda: Educational Field Trip and Other Concerns


Notice of Meeting (Adopt-A-School Coordinators)


Regional Memorandum No. 337, s.2016


October 12, 2016

Division Memo No. 382 s. 2016

Constitution of Ranking Committees for Vacant Teaching Positions

Notice of Meeting

Agenda: Pinggang Pinoy Wellness Campus 2016, Champ Moves Dancercise during Flag Ceremony, Volleyball Tournament for Teachers and Other concerns

October 11, 2016

Division Memo no. 381 s. 2016

Corrigendum on Division Memorandum No. 334 on Division Research Forum on Strengthening the Conduct of Action Research for Effective School Management and Curriculum Implementation

Division Memo no. 380 s. 2016

Participants to the Regional Field Technical Assistance Conference 

Division Memo no. 379 s. 2016

2016 Division Schools Press Conference

Division Memo no. 378 s. 2016

Addendum to Memorandum No. 335 s. 2016 Three-Day Division Training on Sports Coaching and Officiating

Division Memo no. 377 s. 2016

Addendum/Corrigendum to Division Memo No, 359 s. 2016

Division Memo no. 376 s. 2016

Addendum to the Division Memorandum No. 357 s. 2016 (Read More,Division Memo no. 357  s. 2016)

Division Memo no. 375  s. 2016

2016 National Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder Awareness Week (Read more. DepEd Memo no. 167 s. 2016)

Division Memo no. 374 s. 2016

Schedule of SBI DENGVAXIA (2nd Dose)

October 10, 2016

Division Memo no. 373 s. 2016

Seminar Workshop on the Preparation of Work and Financial Plan and Submission of Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP) for CY 2017

October 7, 2016

Notice of Meeting

Clarification Regarding the use of OMR

Division Memo no. 372 s. 2016

School Holiday

Division memo no. 371 s. 2016

Notice of Meeting

Division Memo no. 370 s. 2016

Trainer’s Methodology Certificate Level I (TMC I) in TLE

Division Memo no. 369 s. 2016

OMG-TSK Culminating Activities

Division Memo no. 368 s .2016

Regional Science and Technology Fair Congress 2016

Division Memo no. 367 s. 2016

GSIS Caravan Reshed

October 6, 2016

Division Memo no. 366 s. 2016

Addendum/Corrigendum to DM No. 360 s. 2016 City Meet 2016

October 5, 2016


Map to The Monochrome Events Place

October 4, 2016

Division Memo no. 365 s. 2016

Road Safety Kiddie Park of Santa Rosa Visit Schedules (October 10 to November 9, 2016)

Division Memo no. 364 s. 2016

Conduct of Senior High School Career Guidance Program and Early Registration for School Year 2017-2018 (Read More DepEd Order no. 41 s. 2015)

Division Memo no. 363 s. 2016

Schedule of Interview, Assessment and Evaluation for Medical Officer III, Dentist II & Nurse II

Division Memo no. 362 s.2016

Schools Division Office (SDO) School-Based Management (SBM) Coordinating Team Visit to Schools

October 3, 2016

DepEd Order 160 s. 2016

Status of Implementation of the School Report Card

DepEd Order 161 s. 2016

Conduct of Senior High School Career Guidance Program and Early Registration for School Year 2016-2017