January 29, 2016

Division Memo 047 s. 2016

Donate Blood Save A Life


Information Dissemination on ASEAN Community

January 28, 2016

Unnumbered Memorandum

Post-Audited Plantilla Allocation List (PAL)


20th Inter-High School Natural Science Quiz Show

January 27, 2016

Division Memo 046 s. 2016

Early Registration


Notice of Meeting

Division Memo 045 s. 2016

Submission of Fourth Quarterly Examination (Final Examinations)

January 26, 2016

Division Memo 044 s. 2016

Eye Refraction of Elementary Pupils (3rd Batch)

Division Memo 043 s. 2016

Compliance with Project E.A.S.E

Division Memo 042 s. 2016

Orientation Meeting for the conduct of the 2016 Regional Sports Competition

Division Memo 041 s. 2016

Early Registration for School Year 2016-2017

Division Memo 040 s. 2016

Designation as OIC of Division Property and Supply Unit

Division Memo 039 s. 2016

Reconsitition of Division Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), Secretariat, & Technicial Working Group (TWG)

January 25, 2016

Office  Memo 009 s. 2016

Assignment Order

Division Memo 038 s. 2016

Submission of Application Papers for the remaining vaant position under the DepEd Rationalized Staffing Pattern

January 22, 2016

Office  Memo 005 s. 2016

Designation as OIC, Disbursing Officer of SDNHS

Division Memo 037 s. 2016

National School-Based Deworming Day

Division Memo 036 s. 2016

2016 Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge Divisional Final

Division Memo 035 s. 2016

Gulayan sa Paaralan (GPP), Culminating Activity

Division Memo 034 s. 2016

Submission of Community Tax Certificate for Year 2016

Division Memo 033 s. 2016

Presentation and Critiquing of Action Research Proposal

Division Memo 032 s. 2016

Call for Papers/Poster

January 21, 2016

Division Memo 031 s. 2016

Corrigendum on Division Training on the Enhanced School Improvement Planning (SIP) Process

Division Memo 030s. 2016

Composition of Division of Santa Rosa City Delegates for 2016 Regional Sports Competition

January 20, 2016

Division Memo 029 s. 2016

Submission of 2015 SALN

Notice of Meeting

Kulturang Santa Rosa

January 19, 2016

Notice of Meeting

Division Training for School-Community Planning Team on Enhanced SIP Process

Division Memo 028 s. 2016

Submmission of Partnership-Building Workshop Output

Division Memo 027 s. 2016

Monitoring of Children with Visual Impairment


Notice of Meeting

Division Memo 026 s. 2016

Medical Assessment for SPED Athletes


Integrated Professional Counselors Association of the Philippines

Division Memo 025 s. 2016

Designation of Daisy Z. Miranda

January 15, 2016

Division Memo 024 s. 2016

Eye refraction of elementary pupils

Division Memo 023 s. 2016

Special Non-Working Holiday

Division Memo 022 s. 2016

Division Training for School Community Planning Team (SPT) on the Enhanced School Improvement Planning (SIP) Process

January 14, 2016


Community Engagement & Marketing Communication , SMART SME Nation

Division Memo 021 s. 2016

Corrigendum to the Division Memo no. 003 s. 2016

January 13, 2016

Division Memo 020 s. 2016

Administration of the Language Assessment for Primary Grades (LAPG) and the National Achievement Test for Grade Six (Nat G6)

January 12, 2016

Division Memo 019 s. 2016

Result of Pre-registration Survey

Division Memo 018 s. 2016

School Situational Analysis


Notice of Meeting

January 11, 2016

DepEd Memo 157 s. 2015

Announcing the Appointments of DepEd Officials

Division Memo 017 s. 2016

Corrigendum to DM  No. 001 s. 2016 

Division Memo 016 s. 2016

Medical Assessment for SPED  Athletes

Division Memo 015 s. 2016

Visit Schedules to Mayor Arlene B. Arcillas Road Safety Mobile Park for the Month of January

Division Memo 014 s. 2016

2016 Sports Training of Sta. Rosa City delegates to STCAA Meet


TDC forum consultation

Office Memo 002 s. 2016

Designation as OIC of Pulong Sta. Cruz NHS

Division Memo no 013 s. 2016

Corrigendum to Effective date of  Fixed Work Schedule

January 7, 2016

Division Memo no 009 s. 2016

2016 TEA Governance Forum

January 6, 2016

Division Memo no 012 s. 2016

Appended Duties and Designations of School Governance and Operations Division Personnel

Division Memo no 011 s. 2016

Initiative Programs and Projects in Support to the Maximum Utilization of SRMs

Division Memo no 010 s. 2016

Composition of the Division Disaster Risk Reductiom and Managment Organization


Measurement of uniform for 2016STCAA  delegates

Division Memo no 008 s. 2016

Submission of Monthly and Quarterly Canteen Report

Division Memo no 007 s. 2016

Citywide Trip-Out

Division Memo no 006 s. 2016

Submission of 2016 Training Priortity Needs and 2017 Annual GAD Plan and Budget

Division Memo no 005 s. 2016

GSP Meeting

Division Memo no 004 s. 2016

Accomplishment of Form A( Flexi-time Work Schedule of Non-Academic Personnel)

January 5, 2016

Division Memo no 003 s. 2016

Guidelines on the implementation of different administrative processess and flow in the Schools Division Office

Division Memo no 002 s. 2016

2016 Regional Schools Press Conference Winners

Division Memo no 367 s. 2015

Gawad  Pagsangay na Tagapamanihala ng mga Paaralan

Division Memo no 001 s. 2016

2016 Metrobank-MTAP DepEd Math Challenge Division Elimination

January 4, 2016


Notice of Meeting


National Science and Youth Congress 2016