Students showcase their skills and competencies in baking, from preparations to selling of the finish products.


SDO Santa Rosa City through the Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) conducted its 1st Quarter Kalakalang Pangkarunungan for SY 2019-2020, on August 23 in four cluster venues.

Kalakalang Pangkarunungan is one of the activities harmonizing the Programs and Projects (PAPS) of CID, its goal is to develop the critical thinking, self-reliance, independence, culture sensitivity and entrepreneurship of EPP/TLE/TVL students by enhancing their skills on the different use of technologies and application of life skills. This is a quarterly culminating undertaking in TLE, which showcase students’ competencies and skills.

The activity was hosted by Santa Rosa Elementary School Central II for Cluster I A & B; Caingin ES for Cluster II A & B; Balibago ES for Cluster III A & B; and Don Jose Integrated High School for Junior and Senior High Schools.

Students’ outputs made during the First Quarter were showcased and traded to spectators. Aplaya ES, Dita ES, Sinalhan ES, and Caingin ES sold their harvested crops such as eggplant, raddish, sitaw, alugbati, saluyot, upland kangkong, lemon grass, okra, papaya, petchay, mustasa, tomatoes, ampalaya, etc. Cook foods like fried peanuts, lemon grass juice, malunggay pan cake, malunggay balls and malunggay siomai were retailed since they offered Elementary Agriculture.

Home Economics stuffs were also displayed and sold like pillowcases, shorts, recycled shirts into shoulder bag, paper mache products, atchara, orange marmalade, burong mustasa, coco jam, salted eggs, and shrimp paste were some of the exhibit. LSEN students of SRESCIII also took part in the activity they presented their paper twill projects, and even traded their hand made paintings.

SRES Central I, JZMES, BES, and SRES CIII offered ICT in the first quarter. They displayed their projects like slidedeck presentations and photo editing using basic tools. They were able to demonstrate skills in making improvised keyboard, flyers, brochure, and banner.

Don Jose Integrated High School hosted the junior and senior high schools’ Kalakalang Pangkarunungan. The opening program started with a ribbon cutting by a band. Barangay officials, school heads, and PSDSs attended the occasion to witness the occasion.

Guests and spectators enjoyed the products and services offered by the students during the event. Stakeholders’ participation was very evident during the activity. Parents joined their children in this one-day activity. (Prepared by: Dr. Edwina C. Nabo, EPS-TLE/TVL)

Teachers, pupils and Ms. Ammie Dy Pico of Aplaya ES with

Dr. E.C.Nabo , EPS in EPP/TLE/TVL posed in front of their

booth during the Kalakalang Pangkarunungan at Caingin ES,

venue of Cluster IIA & B