Pictures during the awarding ceremony in 2019 WMI, from top to bottom and left to right: Alfonso Hans Celedio (Bronze), Joseph Felixbrian E. Saludes (Bronze), Marcella Q. Layos (Bronze), King James D. Palma (Silver), Jeal Amyrrh Caratiquit (Bronze Medal),  Rainier Matthew L. Rodenas (Merit Award), Joseph Felixangelo E. Saludes (Bronze).


Seven strong mathletes of SDO Santa Rosa City, travel to Fukuoka City, Japan for the 2019 World Mathematics Invitation Finals to join the said International Mathematics Competition last July 15-19, 2019.

The two-part competition tests the abilities of the mathletes in terms of solving difficult math problems and at the same honed their talents as young mathematicians. During the competition they were able to meet different nationalities and developed among them the camaraderie.

They were accompanied by Ms. Melba D. Estabaya and Dr, Severa C. Salamat as their WMI coaches, they also attended training that honed their talents and skills to become more creative in making their students enjoy and have fun in mathematics.


Alfonso Hans Celedio (Bronze), Marcella Q. Layos (Bronze), Rainier Matthew L. Rodenas (Merit Award), and Joseph Felixangelo E. Saludes (Bronze) are no longer newbies in the International Mathematics Competition Arena, they joined another contest the previous year and were able to brought medals for the SDO Santa Rosa City, while Joseph Felixbrian E. Saludes (Bronze), King James D. Palma (Silver), and Jeal Amyrrh Caratiquit (Bronze Medal) for the first time join and won the competition as well.

King James D. Palma always qualifies to different international math competition from his grade 7 to now that he’s in Grade 11, but with the challenges in the preparation of requirements such as passports and the like he was not able to join other invitations, and it is his chance to show that this international contest was really for him.

They all worked hard to bring honor for their families, school and SDO.

And all these will never be realized without the unending support of our City Mayor Danilo Ramon S. Fernandez and Representative Arlene B. Arcillas, SDS Helen A. ramos, ASDS Rogelio F. Opulencia, CID Chief Luhinia M. Ofren, their School Heads, Dr. Catherine M. Laza and Mr. Jonah N. Salvan and the whole SDO family.

Every year these children competes in international competition, the support of the city government is always felt. They were there to finance their travel. Through Mayor Danilo Ramon S. Fernandez now the Representative of the lone district of Santa Rosa and the then Representative now Mayor Arlene B. Arcillas, of course our SDS Helen A. Ramos, ASDS Rogelio F. Opulencia, and the whole family of SDO Santa Rosa City.

SDO Santa Rosa City family is certainly very happy and honored for the achievements of these kids, their achievement is not only theirs but for their schools, the division, the city, the region, the department of education but of the country.


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Education Program Supervisor