Kody G. Briones during the awarding ceremony of

2018 Hua Luo Geng International Golden Cup Math Contest


Before the said contest Kody was pressured with all the International Contests results for all those who joined the different competitions brought pride and honor to SDO Santa Rosa City, from merit award, to Gold medals.

He was also pressured after the orientation for 2018 Hua Luo Geng International Golden Cup Math Contest participants, knowing that the said contest was the most difficult international contest, but with the encouragement and faith that being part of the Philippine team was already an achievement winning/bringing medal is a bonus for him.

August 11-15, 2018 is his travel dates for the said competitions, Kody faced all the challenges in the said contest and there he proved that he can make it, Kody brought Silver medal after the competition.

The never ending support of the Schools Division Superintendent, Mrs. Helen A. Ramos; City Mayor Dan S. Fernandez; and Representative Arlene B. Arcillas all contributed to the success of Kody in bringing home awards.

Schools Division of Santa Rosa City takes great pride in the achievement that Kody has attained for the name of his School, The Schools Division, Regional Office and Department of Education.


Prepared and Submitted by:


Education Program Supervisor