Maja Marem Jillzam B. Pagadora, Hazel Mae D. Gadiaza, Carl Aries P. Oliva, Jan Neal Isaac D. Villamin, Uno Vittorio N. Papares and Norton II Q. Fumera

Training for different International mathematics Competitions entails a lot of sacrifices and full dedication, to qualify as a challenger for the first time is already a great achievement and being a qualifier for the 14th International Mathematics Competition (IMC) – Singapore this year is really a blessing for these kids.

July 27-31, 2018 was another remarkable date for these kids,  all sweat and laborious training paid off after hearing their names during the awarding ceremony that they all got awards. Uno Vittorio N. Papares – Merit Award; Maja Marem Jillzam B. Pagadora – Bronze Medal;; Jan Neal Isaac D. Villamin – Bronze Medal; Carl Aries P. Oliva – Bronze Medal;  Hazel Mae D. Gadiaza – Bronze Medal they are all students of Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School, 4 junior High School  and one Senior High School students; and Norton Q. Fumera II – Gold Medal an Elementary student of Emmanuel Christian School.

And all these will not be possible without the support of our Schools Division Superintendent Ma’am Helen A. Ramos, our City Mayor Dan S. Fernandez, teachers and parents.

They really live for the mantra: Arangkada Dangal ng Santa Rosa, indeed it is our great pride that they represent our city in this kind of competition and were able to bagged awards.


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EPS-MATHEMATICS – DepEd Santa Rosa City