Pictures during the awarding ceremony in 2018 SIMOC & presentation of winners to our Schools Division Superintendent

It has Ron’s dream to get Gold in an International Mathematics Competition from day 1 of his International stint in International Arena.  2018 Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge in Singapore, July 6-9, 2018 is a way for Ron to achieve his Gold, a dream come true for him.

Ron is now in his Grade 12, he now got gold in International Math Competition, he was a consistent medalist since grade six, but he always gets a bronze or silver. Like International Mathematics and Science Olympiad (IMSO), International Mathematics Competition-Singapore (IMC-Singapore), and the like.

Ron Michael V. Acda got gold in Math Olympiad and Bronze in Math Warriors, Hazel Mae Gadiaza got 2 Bronze medals for Math Olypiad and Math Warriors respectively, Ron and Hazel are both from Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School; while Alfonso Hans Celedio got Silver medal in Math Olymiad, Marcella Q. Layos got Silver in Math Warriors and Joseph Felixangelo E. Saludes got Merit Award. Hans, Gelo and Cella are all from Santa Rosa Elementary School – Central III.

The team work hard in order for each of them to bring home honor to our Schools Division and City at the same time.

All their efforts and sacrifices would not result to those medals without the help from the City Government in financing their travel.  Mayor Danilo Ramon S. Fernandez never failed to support these kids in their journey to different International Competitions also with Rep. Arlene B. Arcillas, SDS Helen A. Ramos, and the whole SDO Santa Rosa City.

Indeed, the Division of Santa Rosa City takes great pride in the achievement that these kids have attained not only for the schools division and for the city but for the region and Department of Education in general.


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Education Program Supervisor