September 29, 2017


3rd Division Wide First Aid Olympics 

September 28, 2017

Division Memo No. 349 s. 2017

List of Participants for the 2017 Provincial Celebration of National Teachers Month and World Teachers’ Day

September 27, 2017

Unnumbered Memo

Special Session on Campus Journalism Trainers with the Journalist in News Writing and Copy Reading and Headline Writing Categories

September 26, 2017


Notice of Meeting- Basketball


ACT Teachers Party-list Consultative Assembly

September 25, 2017


Futsal  Team 

Division Memo No. 348 s. 2017

Second Quarterly Test

Division Memo No. 347 s. 2017

Medical Assessment of Children with Special Education Needs (LSENs)

Division Memo No. 346 s. 2017

Schedule of Ranking for Teacher I Positions

Division Memo No. 345 s. 2017

Submission of Application for Various Vacant Positions

Division Memo No. 344 s. 2017

2017 World Teacher’s Month Activities

Division Memo No. 343 s. 2017 (UPDATED)

List of Finalist for 2017 Golden Lion Awards

Division Memo No. 342 s. 2017

Submission of 4th Quarter Daily Lesson Logs and Learning Materials

Division Memo No. 341 s. 2017

Retrieval LRMDS-Evaluated and Contextualized 3rd Quarter Daily Lesson Logs and Learning Resources

Division Memo No. 340 s. 2017

Reschedule of Election of Federated Parent Teachers Association Officers

Deped Order No. 49 s. 2017

Revised Guidelines on Accreditation and Re-accreditation of Private Lending Institutions Under the Automatic Payroll Deduction System Program

September 20, 2017


Ranklist for Chief Education Supervisor (CID)


3rd Division Wide First Aid Olympics

Division Memo no 339 s. 2017

Resumption of Badmintton Games

September 20, 2017

Division Memo no 338 s. 2017

Division Festival of Talents 2017 (Science and Technology Fair and Congress)

Division Memo no 337 s. 2017

Kindergarten Festival of Talents

Division Memo no 336 s. 2017

TVL Senior High School Readiness Basic Requirements Survey

Division Memo no 335 s. 2017

Orientation for the Administration of the National Achievement Test for Grade 7 & 11 SY 2017-2018

Office Memo no 143 s. 2017

Grade 7 and 11 2017 National Achievement Test Technical Working Group

Division Memo no 334 s. 2017

Conduct of Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Activities


Best Practices in Reading and Writing

Office Order

Officer-in-Charge on September 20-22, 2017

September 19, 2017

Division Memo no 333 s. 2017

SBI Dengue and HPV Vaccine CHO II Area

September 18, 2017

Division Memo no 332 s. 2017

Corrigendum and Addendum to DM No. 322 s. 2017

GSP District Memo no. 8 s. 2017

Age Level and Outdoor Course

Notice of Meeting

School Based Immunization Program

September 15, 2017

Division Memo no 331 s. 2017

Oral Presentation of Research Proposals

Division Memo no 330 s. 2017

Implementation of DepEd Order No. 48 s. 2018

Division Memo no 329 s. 2017

Masterlist for School Based Immunization Program

Division Advisory No. 7 s. 2017

Reschedule of ICT Meeting

Division Memo no 328 s. 2017

Organization of the Schools Division Office (SDO) School-Based Management (SBM) Validating Teams

Division Memo no 327 s. 2017

ACT Teachers Party-list Consultative Assembly

Division Memo no 326 s. 2017

8th Maria Carpena Kundiman Song Festival

Division Memo no 325 s. 2017

Division Seminar Workshop on the Financial Management Operation (FMOM)

September 14, 2017

Notice of Meeting

Red Cross Meeting

Division Advisory No. 6 s. 2017

Venue of Orientation on Random Drug Testing

Notice of Meeting


Division Memo No. 324 s. 2017

Search for ICT Best Practices

Division Memo No. 323 s. 2017

Corrigendum to DM 315 s. 2017

Division Memo No. 322 s. 2017

2017 Division School Press Conference

September 13, 2017

Division Memo No. 316 s. 2017

3rd Division Wide First Aid Olympics

Division Memo no. 321 s. 2017

2017 National Competition for Storybook Writing

September 11, 2017

Notice of Meeting

DCP Updates


Ranklist of Guidance Councelor II 

Notice of Meeting

Research Management Guidelines

Division Advisory no. 5 s. 2017

Meeting of Casual Employees


Corrigendum on the Division English Festival of Talents

Division Memo no. 312 s. 2017

Composition of SALN Review and Compliance Committee in the different schools


Resolution of commending medals

Division Memo no. 320 s. 2017

Continuation of Badmintton Event

Division Advisory No. 4 s. 2017

Donate Blood Save Lives

GSP District Memo no. 7 s. 2017

Clusterwide Patrol Leader Course

Notice of Meeting

Red Cross Meeting

Notice of Meeting

Continuation of Badmintton Games

Division Memo no. 319 s. 2017

Election of Federated Teachers Association Officers

Division Memo no. 317 s. 2017

School Visitation of Toyota Autoparts Philippines

Division Memo no. 318 s. 2017

Submission of SBM Assessment

September 8, 2017

Division Memo no. 314 s. 2017

Announcement of Scholarship Programs Offered for Teachers

Division Memo no. 315 s. 2017

Division Orientation on the Guideline for the Conduct of Random Drug Testing

September 7, 2017


Ranking for Various Positions

Notice of Meeting

Schedule of Activities for MTPDP Program

Division Memo no 313 s. 2017

Submission of List of Nominees for Scholarship Programs

Unnumbered Memo

Addendum to Memo on the Conduct of ROW

September 6, 2017

Division Memo no 311 s. 2017

Administration and Consolidation of Survey Form from Committee on Migration and Development

Division Memo no 310 s. 2017

Supplement Research Guide Tools

Division Memo no 309 s. 2017

3E4H- Eat, Exercies, Etiquette for Health

Notice of Meeting

City Meet

September 5, 2017

Notice of Meeting

2017 Festival of Talents

Notice of Meeting

Division Science & Technology Fair

Division Memo no 308 s. 2017

Conduct of Festival of Talents  in Technolympics

Division Memo no 307 s. 2017

Provision of Technical Assistance for DRRM ,CCA, EiE Implementation at the School Level

Notice of Meeting

SEF Budget

Division Memo no 306 s. 2017

International Literacy Day  and ROW: Training on Reading Instruction and Assessment

September 4, 2017

Division Memo no 305 s. 2017

Addendum to the 2017 Unit Meet Inter Public and Private Sports Clinic

Division Memo no 304 s. 2017

5th Edition of the 2017 Division Wellness Campus