November 29, 2017


2017 International Conference of Basic Education Researchers – Assignment of Session Managers, Synthesizers, and IT


2017 ICBER Parallel Presentation and Discussion Session


Action Against Fixers, Players and Individuals using the Name of the Assistant Secretary for Procurement, Project Management and Field Operations In Approaching DepEd Officers Regarding Procurement Matters

Division Memo No. 428 s. 2017

Administration of the Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (ELLNA)


Calendar of Activities for 2017 Inter-Division Athletic Meet


Advance Group to the Billeting Quarter of Santa Rosa Delegates

Division Memo No. 427 s. 2017

Replacement of Athletes/Official for the 2017 Inter-Division Athletic Meet

November 28, 2017

Division Memo No. 426 s. 2017

DRRM Conference for the 2017 Year-End Program Implementation Review, 2018 DRRM-CCA-EiE Planning and Psychological First Aid Orientation Workshop

November 24, 2017

Division Memo No. 425 s. 2017

2017 City of Santa Rosa Sports Fest

Notice of Meeting

Orientation on SALN filing guidelines, Review and compliance procedures

Division Memo No. 424 s. 2017

Schedule of Activities for the 2017 Annual 18-day Campaign to End Violence Against Women and Children

Division Memo No. 423 s. 2017

Guidelines for 2017 Best School Campaign to End VAW

Division Memo No. 422 s. 2017

Conduct of Advocacy Motorcade and Launching Move(In Observance of the 18-day Campaign to End VAW)

November 23, 2017

Division Memo No. 421,s. 2017

Corrigendum to DM 398 s. 2017 Division ICT Literacy Training-Workshop for Non-teaching Personnel Batch 1

November 22, 2017

Division Memo No. 420,s. 2017

Addendum/Corrigendum To Division Memorandum No. 405 s., 2017 Composition Of Santa Rosa City to the Inter-Division Athletic Meet 2017

Division Memo No. 419, s. 2017

Substantial Enclosure in the Daily Time Record

Notice of meeting

Guidelines on the Distinct Accomplishments on the Delivery of TA and Program Implementation (Schools Cliques: A Tour de Force and Project 555) and Quality – Sub – KPI – Achievement 

November 21, 2017

Division Memo No. 418, s. 2017

Seminar on Oyster Mushroom Culture of City Agriculture Office

Notice of Meeting

Activities for the Upcoming 18-day Campaign Against VAWC

November 20, 2017

Division Memo No. 417,s. 2017

Ocular-Visit of SDO in Partnership with Knowledge Channel Foundation for the Donation of Technology Support Learning Package for the 18 Elementary Public Schools


Ranklist for Administrative Assistant III (Senior Bookkeep


November 17, 2017

Division Memo No. 412 November 17, 2017


Division Memo No. 416,s. 2017


Division Memo No. 415,s. 2017

Submission of application for the Senior High School Position by the Senior High School-Technical-Vocational-Livelihood Teacher hired last SY 2016-2017

DepEd Order No. 35,s. 2016

The Learning Action Cell As A K To 12 Basic Education Program School-Based Continuing Professional Development Strategy For the Improvement of Teaching and Learning

Division Order No. 02,s. 2017

Guidelines on the Implementation of the Learning Action Cell (LAC) in Schools

Division Memo No. 414,s. 2017

Commemoration of the 154th Birth Anniversary of Andres Bonifacio

Division Memo No. 413,s. 2017

Submission of Quality-Sub-KPI Achievement

Office Order

Officer in Charge

Unnumbered Memorandum

Post-Audited Plantilla Allocation List (PAL)

Division Memo No. 411,s. 2017

Announcing the finalist and awardees during the Program Implementation Review Cum Appreciation Program of School-Based Feeding Program and All Education Support Services


Science-Math Brain Power Philippines (SMBPP)

November 16, 2017


Dental and Medical Supplies

Division Memo No. 410,s. 2017

Moratorium on DepEd Educational Field Trips and Other Similar Activities

November 15, 2017

Division Memo No. 409,s. 2017

Administration of English Proficiency for Teachers (TEPT) and Process Skills Test (PST) in Science and Mathematics for Grade 9 & 10 Teachers

Division Memo No. 408,s. 2017

Schedule Of Interview For Guidance Counselor II Position

Unnumbered Memo

Post-Audited Plantilla Allocation List (PAL)


First Audit for the Search for the Division Best School Based Ecological Solid Waste Management Implementer

November 14, 2017

Notice of Meeting

Personnel Selection Board

Division Memo No. 407 s. 2017

Schedule of Ranking for Senior Bookkeeper Position

Division Memo No. 406 s. 2017

Participation to the Regional Festival of Talents 2017 3rd Regional Musabaqah

Division Memo No. 405 s. 2017

Composition of Division of Santa Rosa City Delegates for the 2017 Inter-Division Athletic Meet

Division Memo No. 404 s. 2017

Division Sports Training for 2017 Inter-Division Meet

Office Order

Officer in Charge

Division Memo No. 403 s. 2017

CONGRATULATING THE WINNER OF 2017 Division Festival of Talents (Pop Ed Quiz)

November 13, 2017

Division Memo No. 402 s. 2017

Addendum to Division Memo No. 392 s. 2017

Division Memo No. 401 s. 2017

Administration of the Philippines Educational Placement Test (PEPT)

Division Memo No. 400 s. 2017

Orientation and Accreditation and Equivalency (A&E) and Philippine Examination and Placement (PEPT) Test Administration Room Examinees

GSP District Memo No. 15 s. 2017

Donation for 6th GSP Santa Rosa City Immersion in Cebu City


Teachers Got Talent with the Theme Christmas by the Bay

Notice of Meeting

Regional Technolympics Contest Guidelines

Division Memo No. 399 s. 2017

Participation to the Regional Festival of Talents

Division Memo No. 398 s. 2017

Division ICT Literacy Training-Workshop for Non-Teaching Personnel Batch 1

November 8, 2017


National Summit of Teachers and School Administrators

Division Memo No. 396 s. 2017

2017 Red Cross Raffle Ticket

Division Memo No. 395 s. 2017

State of the Children’s Address (SOCA)

Division Advisory No. 9 s. 2017

Dagdag-Bawas Timbang Strategy

Notice of Meeting

Red Cross Raffle Ticket


Corrigendum to Regional Memo No 500 s. 2017


Office of the President Memorandum Circular No. 25 s. 2017

Division Memo No. 394 s. 2017

Participation to the Regional ENGLISH Festival of Talents

Division Memo No. 393 s. 2017

Participation to the 2018 Regional Schools Press Conference


Participation to the Regional Training on Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Batch 5


1st Indorsement

November 7, 2017

Division Memo No. 392 s. 2017

Seminar-Workshop on Professional Learning Community

Division Memo No. 391 s. 2017

Search for the 2017 GURO NG PAG-ASA (Gantimpala Para sa Ulirang Pagtuturo ng PAG-iimpok at Araling Pansalapit)

Division Memo No. 390 s. 2017

Oral Presentation of Research Proposals of Master Teachers

Division Memo No. 389 s. 2017

Accreditation and Equivalency (A&E) Test Registration and Administration

Notice of Meeting

Agenda: Updates on SHS Implementation, Proper turn-over of the SHS Focal Person duties and Responsisbilities & other SHS issues and concerns

District Memorandum No. 14 s. 2017

Monthly Meeting

Division Memo No. 388 s. 2017

Call for Application to the GAWAD SIKLAB: Search for Outstanding Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) and Supreme Student Government  (SSG)

Division Memo No. 387 s. 2017

Addendum: Cliniquing of 2017 RSPC Qualifiers 

Notice of Meeting

2017 One Laguna Provincial Meet Meeting

Office Order


November 6, 2017

Notice of Meeting

Agenda: Finalization and deliberation of athletes and trainers

Attached File of DOST

InnoBox: Search for the Most Innovative Teaching and Learning Materials in Science

Division Memo No. 386 s. 2017

Sports Training for the City of Santa Rosa Delegates to the One Laguna Provincial Meet 2017

Division Memo No. 385 s. 2017

Composition of Division Level Screening Committee for Gawad Siklab

Division Memo No. 384 s. 2017

Fourth Quarter (January to March 2017) of School/District Monitoring, Evaluation & Adjustment (SMEA & DsMEA)

Notice of Meeting

Agenda: Gawad Siklab Guidelines

November 2, 2017

Division Memo No. 397 s. 2017

Submission of Application for Attorney III and Administrative Officer IV(Personnel)

Division Memo No. 383 s. 2017

Composition of the Schools Division Technical Working Committee on the 2017 Principals’ Test

Division Memo No. 382 s. 2017

2017 Orientation of School Head and School Partnership Focal Persons on Adopt-a-School Program and Partnership Policies and Guidelines