March 31, 2017

DepEd  Memo No 61 s. 2017

Changes in DepEd Memo No. 30 s. 2017

Division Memo No 144 s. 2017

Issuance on Compliance to the Wearing of Uniform

Division Memo No 143 s. 2017

Corrigendum on the Conduct of Validation of Status of Implementation of School Project Implementation Plan (SPIP)

Division Memo No 142 s. 2017

Oplan Balik Eskwela (OBE) for SY 2017-2018

1st Indorsement

Red Link Institute of Science & Technology Corp

Division Memo No 141 s. 2017

Sight for Kids Evaluation

DepEd Memo No 40 s. 2017

First Principals National Congress on K to 12

DepEd Memo No 47 s. 2017

Moratorium on DepEd Educational Field Trips and Other Similar Activities

March 29, 2017

Division Memo No 140 s. 2017

Division Orientation on RA 9482 ( Anti-Rabies Act of 2007) and Rabies Prevention and Control Program

Division Memo No 139 s. 2017

Oral Health Care and Intervention for Non-teaching Personnel

Division Memo No 138 s. 2017

Reconstitution of Division Bid and Awards Committee (BAC), Secretariat and Technical Working Group (TWG)

Graduation Message


Division Memo No 137 s. 2017

Mini Press Conference in Celebration of 2017 National Women’s Month Celebration

Division Memo No 136 s. 2017

1st Quarter National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED)

March 27, 2017

Office Order

Designation as Officer-in-Charge

Division Advisory No 1 2017

Heat Stroke Advisory

March 24, 2017


SEF Budget Allocation

Division Memo No. 135 s. 2017

SALN Reminder from the Office of the City Mayor

Division Memo No. 134 s. 2017

Guidelines on the Conduct of Summer Classes this Summer 2017

Division Memo No. 133 s. 2017

Reiteration on Inspection of Goods and Civil Works

Division Memo No. 132 s. 2017

1st Followup Conference for Future Leaders Enhancement Program (FLEP) Completers

March 23, 2017

Division Memo No. 131 s. 2017

Literacy Mapping

Office Order

Designation as Officer-in-Charge

March 22, 2017

Notice of Meeting

SEF Science and Math Laboratory Equipment

DepEd Memorandum No. 57 s. 2017

Winners of the 2017 National Festival of Talent

Division Memo No. 130 s. 2017

Reminder From the Office of the City Mayor

Division Memo No. 129 s. 2017

Seed Exchange and Garden Visitation

Division Memo No. 128 s. 2017

2017 Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge Division Final Results

March 21, 2017

Division Memo No. 127 s. 2017

Awarding of Eyeglasses to Junior and Senior High School Students

Division Memo No. 126 s. 2017

Submission of Application for Promotion for Master Teacher I & II for SY 2017-2018

Division Memo No. 125 s. 2017

Composition of Division of Santa Rosa City to the 2017 Palarong Pambansa

Division Memo No. 124 s. 2017

SALN Updates and Reminders

Division Memo No. 123 s. 2017

Conduct of Mini Press Conference in Celebration of 2017 National Women’s Month

Notice of Meeting

Updating and Completion of EHRIS

Division Memo No. 122 s. 2017

2017 Division Women’s Fair

March 20, 2017

Division Memo No. 121 s. 2017

EHRIS Personal Data Sheet (PDS) Updating and Completion

March 16, 2017

Division Memo No. 120 s. 2017

Search for Best Public School Clinic/Canteen in the City of Santa Rosa for SY 2016-2017

Division Memo No. 119 s. 2017

Proctors and Room Assignment for the English Proficiency Test SY 2017-2018

Division Memo No. 118 s. 2017

ACT Teachers Party-list Consultative Assembly

March 15, 2017

Division Memo No. 117 s. 2017

Clarification on the Signatories for OPCR and IPCRs for School Personnel

Division Memo No. 116 s. 2017

Sports Training for the Region IV-A CALABARZON Delegates to the 2017 Palarong Pambansa

Division Memo No. 115 s. 2017

Prohibition on the Collection of Various Fees and Other Contribution

Division Memo No. 114 s. 2017

School Year 2016-2017 End of School Rites

March 14, 2017

Division Memo No. 113 s. 2017

Submission of Final Rating for Individual Performance commitment and Review Form (IPCRF) for Year 2016

Division Memo No. 112 s. 2017

BETA-TESTING and Orientation Workshop on School Partnerships Data Sheet

Division Memo No. 111 s. 2017

Constitution of Review and Compliance Committee

March 13, 2017

Office Order

Officer-In-Charge on March 14-17, 2017


PhilGeps Training

Division Memo No. 110 s. 2017

Accomplishment of the 2016-2017 Learning Material Inventory and Monitoring Tool

March 10, 2017

Division Memo No. 109 s. 2017

Accomplishment of the Regional Language Mapping Data Form

Division Memo No. 108 s. 2017

Implementation of DO No 12 s. 2017 ( New Threshold on Net take Home Pay)

March 9, 2017

Notice of Meeting

2017 Women’s Month Celebration

Division Memo No. 107 s. 2017

Submission of Nominees for the Many Faces of the Teacher 2017

Division Memo No. 106 s. 2017

Submission of Nominees for Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos 

Division Memo No. 105 s. 2017

Addendum to DM 86 s. 2017  Schedule of Interview, Demonstration Teaching and English Proficiency Test


Division Screening Committee for Scholarship Program

March 8, 2017

Division Memo No. 104 s. 2017

2017 National Women’s Month Celebration

Division Memo No. 103 s. 2017

Adherence to BIR Data Clean-up

Office Of the City Mayor


Division Memo No. 102 s. 2017

2017 Metrobank-MTAP-DEPED Math Challenge Division Finals

Division Memo No. 101 s. 2017

Corrigendum on SDO Orientation and End of School Year 2016-2017 Checking of Forms

Division Memo No. 100 s. 2017

First Quarter of Division Monitoring, Evaluation & Adjustment (DMEA)

Division Memo No. 99 s. 2017

Congratulating the Winners of 2017 Regional Academics and Co-Curricular Competitions for Children with Special Needs

Division Memo No. 98 s. 2017

Filing and Examination Dates to Remember in PRC Licensure Examination

March 7, 2017

Division Memo No. 97 s. 2017

Final Screening of All Candidate Athletes Coaches and Chaperon for Palarong Pambansa

March 6, 2017

Division Memo No. 96 s. 2017

Reconstitution of Division Personnel Selection Board

Office Order

Officer-In-Charge (March 6-10, 2017)

Division Memo No. 95 s. 2017

Designation of District ALS Coordinators (DALSCs)

March 3, 2017

Division Memo No. 94 s. 2017

2017 Fire Prevention Month Activities

Division Memo No. 93 s. 2017

Disaster Preparedness Program BILIS (Bag Ihanda Lagi Iwasan ang Sakuna) Requiring learners, Teachers and Non-Teaching Personnel to be Equipped with Emergency Go Bag


Letter of Invitation to the UPFDG Nationwide Auditions 2017

Division Memo No. 92 s. 2017

Reconstitution of the Performance Management Team in the Schools Division of Santa Rosa

March 2, 2017

Division Memo No. 91 s. 2017

Division Red Cross Strategic Planning Workshop for SY 2017-2018


Ranklist for Administrative Officer II

Division Memo No. 90 s. 2017

Reconstitution of the School Division Personnel Selection Board for Senior High School Teaching Position

Division Memo No. 89 s. 2017

Reconstitution of Division Division Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), Secretariat & Technical Working Group (TWG)

Division Memo No. 88 s. 2017

Email Address and facebook Accounts of Principal and Supervisors in Region IV-A

Division Memo No. 87 s. 2017

SDO Orientation and End of School Year 2016-2017 Checking of Forms

March 1 , 2017

Division Memo No. 86 s. 2017

Corrigendum to Division Memorandum No. 61, s. 2017: Schedule of Interview, Demonstration and English Proficiency Test

Division Memo No. 85 s. 2017

Prescribed Templates for Grade 6 and 10 Completers

Division Memo No. 84 s. 2017

Submission of Ranklist for Promotion for Teacher II and Teacher III Positions

Notice of Meeting

Agenda: Capital Outlay for Elementary 2016 Budget

Division Advisory

Request for Stories (IPEd, Madrasah, ALS, SPED, SHS)

Division Advisory

2017 National Search for the Children’s Museum and Library INC (CMLI)